Head of training

I would like to organise targeted language training and
I need accurate assessments to evaluate the level of my learners.

Formateur donnant une formation en langue

A test developed for
heads of training

ELAO provides an accurate and reliable assessment of your learners’ language level and helps you to create homogenous groups according to their level.

Create homogenous groups

ELAO is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). For further accuracy, we have added an A0 level and 4 increments per level (for example: A1(0), A1(25), A1(50) and A1(75)). This additional degree of accuracy enables the creation of homogenous learner groups.

Identify your learners’ difficulties

ELAO assesses your learners’ written andoral professional skills. You receive clear, nuanced reports (see example), enabling you to create targeted training courses.

Manage your learners quickly and easily

Sending an invitation or testing yourself is quick and simple: add or import email addresses to the system and send out invitations at the click of a mouse. Export learners’ results to a clear, readable Excel with ease (see example).