Head of language department

My university or faculty would like to test students in order
to create homogenous classes according to level.

Etudiants à l'université qui effectuent le test ELAO

A test developed for your university/faculty

ELAO is easy to use both for your students and the administrator. It enables easy management of significant assessment projects. As a flexible platform, it smoothly integrates with your skills-assessment processes.

Create homogenous groups according to level

ELAO is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). For further accuracy, we have added an A0 level and 4 increments per level (for example: A1(0), A1(25), A1(50) and A1(75)). This additional degree of accuracy enables the creation of homogenous student groups.

Help your students to progress

ELAO assesses 4 skills: grammatical structure, active vocabulary, passive vocabulary and listening comprehension. The students tested receive a detailed report (see example) which includes elements to be improved in each skill, and notably in grammar.  

Manage your students quickly and easily

As an administrator, you can easily manage the assessment reports and send codes granting access to the tests. Student results can be exported in a clear, readable format to Excel with a simple click of the mouse (see example).